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12 years and counting...

I cried while watching this video... 

thanks to Vannie for the share

#J28 is Momo #1 Day~

Special supper today because it's Diva Princess's day!

Happy Birthday to Bayaw (brother-in-law)

28? 28? 28?????

SeunghyunBOB Day!

The boy who stared back at me during Manila Showcase March 2010...is now a young adult~!

Seunghyun, hope you remember me haha (.^__^.)v go back to the Philippines please~

Happy Birthday to my adorkable 16D!

Primadonna Patrick Star

Turned my Patrick into a Primadonna (.^__^.)

I want an Arashi card too but FC is not open for international fans T_T

NintendoMiya!!! (^________^)

Celebrating bratty Nino's birthday yesterday with fellow Arashi-friends~

I was relived to see the SakuMiya mating rain dance...really goofy (^___^)
I was more nervous of the "I can lend you my towel SakurAiba incident"

photo credit : Len

A Primadonna's Confession to FTIsland

My friends decided to form a band and named it SF Heroines...following FTISLAND's SF Heroes stint during their "Hands Up!" Tour.

For FTISLAND's 4th Anniversary they did a cover of Confession ( 고백합니다)...kitte kudasai...

Lyrics by Loli.  Vocals by Loli and Guitar by Akira (^___^).

Happy Birthday husband!

I'll be SREMING with everyone next time..hmp! 
Happy Birthday to my labidabs husband Sho!!

B-A-D Big Boy!

It's time to lock and load!


Lucky Smurfette

Happy Birthday T.O.P.!

pics credit to rightful owners

The Rainbow Bright Boys Are Always Loved

おめでとうございますon your anniversary!!!かんぱい!!!

So today+^^+
Posted at 00:33

Good evening...

いま なにおしてるんですか?zzz
What are you doing right now? zzz

ぼくは。。。さき いえに どちゃく しましだ!
I... (have no idea what he's trying to say :P)
I got home just a little bit ago


it was fun..

じつは。。。いろいろ イベントが ありますから。。
Actually...there are various events..

だいかくとか。。 放送局 とか。。。!!
university..or broadcasting...!!

じかんが ないですね!!T.T
I do not have time!! T.T

もーすぐ。。。。日本のかつどうも。。。がんこくで こんさーとも あります。。!!
We have now...activities in Japan...Concert in Korea too..!!

Power...please!!! *^^* (or could it be please cheer?? LOL)
Please give us strength!!!*^^*

ぼくたちも がんばります!!
We will also do our best!!

みなさん いつも ありがとうございます!!!!
Everyone thank you very much always!!!!

Good night ^^

SO TODAY FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit: thanks to tinybluemarble for the inputs (^_^)